Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hestercombe I

Back in September the lovely Niall came down at the weekend and we had a little expedition to Hestercombe. There's a house and gardens but the house is private. The gardens are split into two parts; the landscaped valley and the formal terraced garden. I've been there plenty of times as it's near my house but Niall hadn't so we explored pretty thoroughly.
On the day we were there there was a "family" event going on. This meant that on one of the lawns there were a few stalls selling "gifts", a Punch & Judy show, a falconry display(with uncooperative birds), and a tent full of tasty local cheese, cider & similar products. We enjoyed the latter the most...

There are lots of walls like this
An old mill with a waterwheel
Upside Down Swan
A swan in the mill pond
The Vale of Taunton Deane
And pretty views.

Landscape gardens are generally cleverly built so that there are lots of constructed views. You can sit in a little Grecian temple and admire a carefully composed segment of landscape.

The swan the right way up.
Another, more tranquil pond
Wayfaring Tree
Wayfaring Tree, which we thought might be related to red currants

Through the trees
Nice view through the trees
Up the valley
And back up the valley

And that's enough for now, formality next time I think...

All my photos from Hestercombe can be found in my Flickr set. These were all taken on my new Canon Ixus 105!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

September Stuff

I don't normally think of September as a sunny month, but it clearly can be. My September was spent revising, hanging about at home and preparing to come back to Bristol. I was still using my sister's old camera & not taking many photos.

Up The Path
Wandering around Clifton having a break from revision on a sunny afternoon.
Afghans: Revision Fuel
Baking, the perfect form of procrastination.
Courgette & Cream Cheese Tart
And way of killing boredom when stuck at home.

My older sister and I were at home at the same time and we all went to Kilve beach. I seem not to have taken any photos of the actual beach (except maybe on film)
But there were pretty trees, I do love a pretty tree.
Smoking Chimney
And a nice overgrown industrial relic...

That was a strange sort of jumbly post but it fills in some gaps. My *new* camera arrived in mid-September so no more Kodak CX7350 from here on in! (hopefully)
Next time: Hestercombe with Niall.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moar Velvia! - Part II

The photos in my previous two posts (Orford Ness and Southwold) were all shot on Fuji Velvia 100F but I didn't finish the roll there! It came with me to Bristol and there were blue skies...

Cotham Moon
The moon was in evidence

Branching Out
I saw some pretty trees in the midst of legoland Bristol
And some berries
And leaves
Leafy Light
I was still admiring trees in the evening

Are plants becoming a bit of a theme with me?
They *are* pretty...

...and so are Photosoc
Laura & Dave

All these photos were taken on Fuji Velvia 100F with my Pentax ME Super.