Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kilve... and London

Since the demise of my poor little point & shoot I've not been anywhere near as prolific in my picture taking. I've been out for whole days and barely done anything. I've been using my sister's old Kodak CX7350 which produces pictures, but generally not the ones I want. It's also very slow and eats batteries like anything (not made for rechargeables). Boo and hiss. Therefore I present to you Kilve and London in eight photos.

A few weeks ago Niall came down from Bristol and drove us to the beach at Kilve. We had a walk along, he played with his medium format camera, I started my roll of Velvia 100F for Xpro, and we walked along the "beach" a bit. I say "beach" because at Kilve there are a lot of rocks, some silt, and a massive natural stone pavement. This is hard to describe and pictures do a much better job. I'll just say that it's fun to walk on so long as you avoid slipping into the many rockpools...

Niall at Kilve
Some lovely rocky cliff

After going along the bottom a bit we took some steps up onto the cliff path to head back towards the car park. Looking over the edge, it was clear that this was a good idea as most of what we had been walking on was getting rapidly covered by the incoming tide.

Macro-ing the s*** out of an orchid
A good reason not to get too close to the edge
Pretty purple on the cliffs

The weekend after our Kilve excursion I went up to London to see my sister and for Jith's birthday lunch. There were photowalkings and sittings in the park, but again not all that many photos. Hmm.

Militant Christians in Trafalgar Square
Anna blackberrying where the Astoria used to be
Greenwich Park
(not so)Greenwich park from by the observatory

Aaand that's about it really. I journeyed by train to Bristol and then by coach to London, which allowed me to sort out flat things and see certain people on my way *and* cost slightly less than going the whole way by coach. I win!

Double Fail

A little while ago the lovely Jith (a fellow Photosoc-er and real life friend) and I decided that it'd be a nice idea to do a double-exposure collaboration. I was inspired by the likes of Trapac and Daz, amongst others; their Flickr photostreams are photographic gold.
Unfortunately, after going through my ME Super successfully (underexposed by a stop), Jith's inherited Yashica didn't manage to make any pictures. We're not sure exactly what happened, just that the resulting pictures show no trace of what she took. (Smashica has made photos for her in the past.)

Since I was expecting doubles I took lots of textures, silhouettes, and things I wouldn't normally think were picture-worthy. Definitely a mixed outcome...

Roses in Clifton.
An intentional lack of focus, Polygon Lane.

The one I definitely would've taken anyway, down by the harbour.

A great claim.

The rest of the roll can be found here.
I must point out that they're not terribly exciting, as this selection may suggest.
A more successful roll is to follow soonish.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


My first roll of black & white film; Fuji Neopan 400 given me for my birthday by the lovely Niall. He also helped me/taught me to develop it in the Photosoc darkroom and scanned it all. It was pretty exciting seeing what's inside a film canister, and making pictures appear on film by dunking it in chemicals. :)

Niall, Victoria Square.
9-104 ^
Nicely textured bricks, St Michael's Hill.

Little Dog
A little dog waiting outside HSBC, Whiteladies Road.
A plant above someone's porch, Nugent Hill.

Lara in the garden at Papajis.
At Pizza Express
On the table, Pizza Express in Clifton.

Kate, Jon & Lis at Durdhambury.

The complete set is here.

I like the results a lot and I should have more black and white film coming my way soon. Yay! It has the advantage of being virtually free to develop too as Photosoc provides the equipment. Hurrah!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Back in Somerset

More filmy goodness. Finishing my roll of Reala.

Teasels at Tintinhull.
Turn Hill
The levels from Turn Hill.
Sunlit leaves, a very nice evening.
Apples in the garden.
And nettles.
A spider web.
Catting About
And that lovely cat.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cornwall on film - Part III

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey & St Just, all on Fuji Superia Reala 100 with my Pentax ME Super.

Cornflowers & cosmos in the kitchen garden at Heligan
Italian Garden
The Italian garden
Boats in Mevagissey harbour
Shells on the beach at St Just.

See older blog posts for digital photos and more details.
All my Cornwall photos are together here.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Cornwall on film - Part II

I found some pretty.

Yellow + Blue
Lovely yellow & blue.
Housel Bay
Housel Bay
Some nice grass.
Rocky coast.
A Bench With A View
A bench with a view.
Some sparkly seakeh.
And some boats and lichen-y rocks.

More Cornwall! (The film photos are at the end of the set.)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Cornwall on film - Part I

Yes, there are *more* photos!
En Route
Niall's idea, experimenting with his wide-angly lens on the journey down.
Pretty Field
The pretty field above Polkerris, on our way to Gribbin Head.
The daymarker.
Some camera faff.
Gorse + Sea
Some seakeh.
Wildflowers on the clifftops.
Pretty Grass
Pretty grass in the cottage garden.
Moored boats in Coverack.
The view at Cadgwith.
A very pretty stretch of coast path.
And a typical bit of the wall/hedge hybrids they have 'round those parts.